Eat Safe, Eat Organic
湖西岛 / 2016-10-11

                                                                                                             Eat Safe, Eat Organic

Huxi Island Organic Foods Go Into Community


On September 12, the Beijing Grand MOMA community became a world of fine organic foods. Fans of organic foods and residents of the neighborhood flocked to Huxi Island’s booth to witness the beginning of a new chapter for food safety and organic health.


In collaboration with TopMedia, Huxi Island rolled out its “Organic Foods Go into Community” campaign in September 2015, during which a total of 50 “organic vans” loaded with a complete range of organic foods were dispatched to visit a number of residential communities. Our organic vans offered a more complete range of organic products than ordinary supermarkets, covering 16 series of organic foods from Huxi Island including organic fruits and vegetables, organic cereals, organic grains, organic seasonings, and organic baby food. Our products were delivered to more than 50 residential communities including Grand MOMA, Xishan International Town, Dayin Mingzuo, Beijing Renjia, Monet Garden, East Asia Marseilles Manson, the Bird’s Nest, Chang’an Jiayuan and Fenghe Quyuan.


Organic Class in the Community

Experts of organic farming from Huxi Island visited residential communities and educated local residents on organic farming and foods. Through a wide range of interactive activities including on-site consultation, handouts distribution and Q&A sessions, our experts helped residents learn more about organic foods, and how organic farming is closed related to our well-being and ecological sustainability.


Fresh Organic Taste

While tasting our organic foods, residents were reminded of the classic taste from their childhood. The salad made of vegetables from Huxi Island’s organic farm was superbly refreshing and a must for this autumn; the yummy steamed rice comprised of our organic rice, organic brown rice and organic millet filled the air in the community with organic and appetizing fragrance; and our hand-made and sun-cured organic soya sauce and vinegar impressed the residents with a long-lingering aftertaste.


Each of our organic products has a QR code as its ID. By scanning the code, residents can access all information of a product including farm of production, processing, logistics and sales, enabling full organic traceability to help secure food safety.

Choose Quality, Choose Organic

Huxi Island’s organic products have been granted China’s organic food certification, and are in strict compliance with the organic food standards. Huxi Island introduced five package options, including family package, senior citizen package, baby package, care & love package, and vegetable package, which offer 15 product combinations to meet different delivery requirements. Customers can order package combinations comprising organic grains, vegetables and seasonings to meet their different needs. Products are delivered to customers’ homes according to the time and quantity specified by the customer, a service that will benefit families with the elderly, children, pregnant women and patients, who we believe will certainly be reminded of the classic tastes from their childhood.



Organic Lifestyle in Classic Tastes

A leader in organic farming and foods, Huxi Island went to visit communities to educate consumers on food safety and health protection. Over 100 products from Huxi Island including organic rice, organic grains, organic infant rice cereal, organic fruits and vegetables, and organic seasonings have been granted China’s organic food certification. All of our products meet the most stringent safety requirements and are guaranteed to have full traceability from farm of production and processing to logistics and sales.


The campaign is a new effort that combines online and offline sales to deliver organic foods directly to customers’ homes without the involvement of any third-parties. Our service will benefit consumers by providing them with the convenience to enjoy an organic lifestyle and an opportunity to be reminded of the classic tastes from their childhood.