Huxi Island Debuts at New York Times Square
湖西岛 / 2016-10-11

                                     Huxi Island Debuts at New York Times Square to Showcase Organic Foods from China


Introduction: On the 66th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, Huxi Island made its debut at the Times Square in New York by launching an advert on the 40-meter tall NASDAQ screens in an effort to deliver the message from China’s organic farming industry and showcase the charm of China’s organic brand.


On October 1, 2015 when President Xi Jinping made a state visit to the US, Huxi Island, China’s largest organic farming and organic food company, made an exciting debut at the renowned Times Square in New York, as a way to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China and showcase the high-end organic farming and organic brand from China.



Huxi Island Lends Support to Sino-US Cooperation in Agriculture


As a Chinese saying goes: “for the people, food is heaven.” Undoubtedly, the food issue is a worldwide concern. Cooperation in agricultural development between China and the US, both as leaders in agriculture, has drawn much attention. Agriculture was also among the first sectors that saw cooperation between China and the US. During President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the US, the China-US Strategic Agriculture Innovation Dialogue (SAID) was held with a theme that focused on policies to promote agricultural innovation and food security and to advance sustainable development. The two sides discussed food security, agricultural biotechnology, big data and information technology innovation, environmental management and sustainable development, agricultural and support programs, and plans for future bilateral dialogue and cooperation. Both countries committed to strengthen cooperation and create an enabling environment for agricultural innovation in the two countries and the world at large.


As a pivotal player in China’s organic farming sector, Huxi Island was honored to launch an advert of its organic products on the NASDAQ screens, which were also used by the Consulate General of China to show the world a real China. Our launch of the advert coincided with the state visit by President Xi Jinping to the US, and the advert was expected to be seen by Mr. Xi as this is the only way to the UN headquarters.


As China’s flagship organic food producer advocating sustainable development, Huxi Island is committed to “bringing safe, earth-friendly food to the table” as we consider it our responsibility to meet Chinese people’s expectations of a healthy lifestyle and to develop a stronger organic food industry in China. With that in mind, Huxi Island positions itself at the top end of the organic food industry, with business lines covering the entire industrial chain including organic plantinod


Huxi Island’s Premiere at Times Square


When the night falls, the dazzling neon billboards make the Times Square a more exciting and inviting place to be. Many people would stop to take photo in front of the NASDAQ billboard screens, which are billed as the world’s No.1 advertising screens. In a random survey conducted by Huxi Island, a number of respondents said they noticed Huxi Island’s advert on the screens and that they knew many products they use every day are made in China. They also knew that China has a long history and rich culture. They showed interest in Huxi Island, an organic food brand from China, and were keen to taste organic food products from Huxi Island.


Brightly adorned with billboards and advertisements, Times Square is sometimes referred to as the Crossroads of the World. Times Square is a major commercial intersection and neighborhood in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, and stretching from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. The NASDAQ billboard screens are the icon of New York, and they draw the attention of thousands of people passing through Times Square every day, including tourists as well as elites working in technology and finance sectors in New York. Leading Chinese companies including Xinhua News Agency, Wuliangye and Sina also launched their adverts here.


Bringing safe, earth-friendly food to the table


Since its establishment in 1999, Huxi Island, as China’s flagship organic food producer advocating sustainable development, has made every effort to protect as many farmland resources as possible, and committed itself to sustainable development of agriculture by applying modern biotechnologies to traditional farming practices and by developing a unique eco-farming model. The whole farming processes employed by Huxi Island are free of fertilizer and pesticide, helping to maintain a balance between modern and traditional agriculture.


Huxi Island now operates 10 organic farms and plantation bases in Yangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Chengdu, Kunming and Anqiu, covering the entire industrial chain including organic planting, organic cultivation, organic food processing and logistics, sale of organic food, and e-commerce of organic foods. Huxi Island offers a wide range of products in more than 100 categories ranging from organic staples, organic condiments, organic fruits and vegetables and fine processed organic food. For more information, please visit or